About Melody Makers

‘Doing what I love the most, is truly magical’.

In January 2016, Natalie launched Melody Makers with the idea to make singing in a choir accessible to mums/carers of babies and toddlers. Following the success of the Baby Friendly Choir, the Pop Choir emerged in January 2017 and a morning choir in January 2019 in ‘The Stokes’.

‘I hope that when you join one of my choirs, you will feel the warmth of a family, the confidence to sing like you’re in the shower and thrive on the many benefits that come with singing in a choir.’ Natalie

About Natalie

Like many musicians, Natalie’s love of music and singing started from a young age. ‘Music in my life has made me the person I am today and growing up I spent a lot of my time accompanying choirs, singing in bands/choirs and playing the piano wherever and whenever I could!’ Natalie attended the University of Cardiff, to study a degree in Music with a focus on accompanying, performing and conducting. She then moved to Bristol and completed a PGCE Music at Bristol University.

For ten years, Natalie held the position of Assistant Director of Music at a local independent school, working with some incredibly talented musicians. This involved everything from teaching classroom music and Music Technology, directing school choirs, music theatre productions, to training orchestras, Gospel choirs and regularly producing concerts in and around many prestigious venues (including St. George’s Brandon Hill, Colston Hall and the Barbican Concert Hall in London.)

Since having children, Natalie now loves leading the Melody Makers Choirs. ‘I’m completely dedicated to making our choir the best we can be and creating a truly special experience for everyone. The joy of creativity, the friendships that come with collective music making, the uplifting feeling of singing together to create one voice, the excitement, the terror and the energy that surrounds live performance is what it’s all about for me.